The Formidable Öresund Bridge

The “bridge” as locals usually call it, is a symbol of traveling for me. But not so much on the way home as when thinking ahead about a forthcoming trip. Which I do a lot of.  Might have started off a little slow, but I’m reasonably sure 2019 will turn out to be one of the most intense travel years so far.

I can’t back this up factually, but I’m hoping my carbon footprint will be somewhat offset by the fact that I haven’t eaten meat or poultry for four years and that we don’t own a car or use one regularly. And though the rest of the family still shops clothes regularly, I take great pleasure in not having replenished my wardrobe much for the last couple of years.

I shot this from a sailboat a few summers back during one of few really nice evenings. Many more bridge photos can be enjoyed here.