California Surfers

If I had to pick out 10 of my proudest shots, this photo would be among them. Even without palm trees, sunshine, or anything else that typically symbolizes California, it still evokes strong emotions of what makes me long for Venice Beach and the Pacific Ocean. It has the low-sailing pelicans, the gentle swell of waves, and the camaraderie among surfers most of whom appreciate how generous and privileged life can be.

Turtlemania at Hikkadua

In shallow water as the beach bends south, a few hundred meters from our hotel, three giant sea turtles are part of the local scene.

According to the fellow that runs the small turtle farm about 2,5 km north of Hikkadua which I visited yesterday around noon, the three more or less tame turtles by the beach are roughly 80 years old and have been coming to the site for food for about ten years.

Dozens of tourists stood in a half circle around the turtles yesterday at sunset while I tried to capture the moment. After a few attempts with my Fuji, I managed to take a few seconds of one-handed video – and the above shot is a so-called frame grab from that unsteady footage taken with my phone.