A shave and shave

Barbershops. I love ‘em. And finding one while traveling can really make my day. Like most grown men, shaving (head or beard) is a tedious, boring chore. I’ve gotten a shave (head and beard) in a lot of different countries and my experience is that barbers, regardless of where they are, all have different styles and techniques to accomplish the task. The XL barber (his name has slipped my mind) on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica was pretty good; hot towels, super-close shave and lots of entertaining stories. And the fellow I found deep in Marrakesh’s bustling Medina spoke absolutely no English but used an interesting combination of naked razor blades and an antique electric shaver.

I had pretty much given up any hope of finding a barbershop here in Hikkaduwa. But right next to the fruit and vegetable market, near the village’s commercial fishing boat harbor, I found  one and enjoyed a haircut, classic hand-whipped, foam shave and a soothing facial scrub for about eight bucks (€ 6:50).