Sweden's Birthday

Sweden’s Birthday!
Just back from a long run in the early morning sun.

Thought of something during my jog around Malmö. Today’s the 45th time I’m celebrating Sweden’s National Day since moving to Sweden in 1978. It’s also the 20th National Day since I became a naturalized Swede. I do still have my American citizenship if for no other reason than that having a US passport is still pretty cool (and it makes visiting my old homeland a whole lot easier).

I love Sweden. I really do. This country has been good to me and I’ve tried to be a decent, responsible citizen, both as an ordinary taxpayer and as a small business owner (which is not always easy).

Much has changed since I relocated to this remarkable land. I won’t mention anything here, after all, it is Sweden’s birthday and you don’t criticize on a birthday.

I’ve been lucky to have lived in some of this country’s most amazing places, including Gothenburg on the west coast, Riksgränsen in the far north, the island of Visby off the east coast, and for the last two-plus decades, Malmö and Vejbystrand down in the deep south.

As with most relationships, taking a break can often be a great way to reinvigorate one’s passion for a place or a friend. Together with my small family, I’ve had the opportunity to live abroad on a few occasions. And each time we’ve returned, our appreciation for Sweden has been instantly rekindled.

For all its meteorological, political,, and cultural shortcomings, there’s still no doubt in my mind and heart that Sweden is one of the best countries in the known world, at the very least one of the most beautiful.

And though I am generally skeptical about the whole nationalism thing, I will humbly raise my glass tonight for Sweden and hope that everyone else that this most generous country has opened its doors to will do the same.

Cheers Sweden!