Big Wave Surfing Nazaré


Another capture from the Big Wave Surfing Competition in Nazaré. One of several new images from my visit there. All shot in color and converted to monochrome. I’ve been working on a book about surfing for several years and I’m not entirely sure if they should be added as an additional chapter, or if I perhaps now have all the images I need to start actually compiling it.

I just realized that the process of producing photographs for a book and painting a painting isn’t very dissimilar. At some point, you just have to call it quits, draw a line and probably stop using the collection phase as an excuse to continue procrastinating. I think I might just be there. I am not so much your typical procrastinator, but I am very easily distracted…but definitely need to work on maintaining focus on what’s important and less on superficial stuff that might provide some immediate gratification but that never really leaves you with a long-lasting feeling of accomplishment.