Surf Film by Joakim Lloyd Raboff

Surf Film in the Works

As long as I have some way to express my creativity during the day, I’m usually a happy camper. At my age and with the breadth of stuff I’ve worked with over the years, including writing, photography, film, and design, I have a lot of ways to satisfy this need. I find it interesting how I was able to be “away” from painting for so long. I mean, even if I often used to spend hours upon hours creating in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, none of these apps provide anywhere near the creative satisfaction I get when I’m in front of a canvas applying (or removing) paint and seeing when both planned and spontaneous ideas take physical shape.

Today, I’m working on assembling a collection of surf scenes from beaches in southern California, western Costa Rica, and Portugal’s north coast.