Sunday Swans

After yesterday’s tumultuous snowstorm (are there really any other kind?), it was fabulous to wake up this morning and see the sun shine from a clear blue sky.

I spent about an hour down by one of our round swimming bridges trying to cajole a couple of grand swans to be part of the cast in the above short video. And after a while, they agreed.

I tried out the new Gopro Here 6 for this ad hoc project and I’m mighty impressed by how well auto white balance, focusing and color renditions were. Will be most useful as part of my new kit.

I love when people start returning to Västra Hamnen. Not that it’s ever totally desolate here. But today, folks were sitting down, chilling with coffee or whatever and basking in the sun for most of the afternoon. Can’t wait to be able do some yoga/qi gong outdoors – hopefully in a few weeks.