Kyiv Ukraine Mural

Shot in Kyiv, October 2021. While going through my archive from the visit earlier today, I realized how much I enjoyed Kyiv visually. But what I appreciated, even more, were all the super-friendly locals I met during my week-long stay. I spent an entire afternoon walking around the main train station just people watching. (I’ve long had this thing for train stations).

And now I can imagine the trepidation of all those desperately wanting to flee their homes and livelihoods by trying to board trains bound for safer grounds in neighboring Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania…all because of megalomaniac Putin and his unprovoked, horrific aggression. Unsurprisingly, Vladimir has now also threatened Sweden and Finland militarily should we join Nato. How preposterously distorted can Putin’s worldview be? Apparently, Epically distorted. #StandWithUkraine