Spinning in Greece

Spinning in Greece

Back in Rhodes again. Second visit in about a year. Chose the very same hotel as last time since most amenities and facilities are focused on training and health. If it works, don’t fix it, right?

There’s a long list of training alternatives here and they are all well-organized and led by a cheery crew of young, competent Brits, Swedes, and Norwegians.

Far from all guests have star quality, ourselves included, but the hotel itself has four, and as far as I can tell, upkeep is top-notch. Our goal is to partake in three separate activities per day, two organized (classes) and an independent activity (biking, hiking, swimming, gyming).

Today I joined a bunch of imposingly athletic tweens for an intense spinning class down by the beach (above photo). It was actually my first ever spinning class so I’m assuming I’ll be walking like Frankenstein tomorrow morning. Later, after a 5k walk in the baking sun, Charlotte and I took an afternoon Masterclass in Yoga Balance.

It’s day 14 of sobriety and even if I’m actually here to produce a story about the concept of healthy holiday-making for Charlotte’s website Hotell Addict, this week will likely be the easiest one so far to be teetotaling. I imagine myself never drinking again. Then again, I imagine mysel doing all kinds of unreasonable stuff that never happens. One day at a time…

I love Greece. I have ever since that very first visit to Corfu in 1983. Greeks are laid-back folk and if you ask me, Greece is by the country around the Med with the tastiest and arguably healthiest cuisine. Sorry, Itally. Sorry Spain, Portugal and France.

The hotel’s beach kinda sucks but the restaurant’s enormous buffet is just stunning and packed with wonderful traditional Greek specialties (mostly vegetarian) and loaded with marinated olives and several different kinds of feta. Cheeses.