Soma FM Radio

I totally believe in sharing good ideas and useful tips.

I realize that most of us have either Spotify or Apple Music and are totally content with the wealth of music both platforms provide. Personally, I get easily tired of these algorithmically generated mainstream playlists.

I mean, I do subscribe to and frequently use Apple Music, even on a daily basis. I listen to Apple Music during my morning shower or at the gym if the BBC Global News podcast ends before my workout routine does.

When I do listen, I usually pick a playlist called “Joakim’s Favorite Mix” which contains some mainstream hits but also a plethora of obscure artists from L.A.’s studio session mafioso and more or less forgotten singer/songwriters.

For the last 15 years, one of my main sources for alt music, at least while working, is San Francisco-based Soma FM. where they have a slew of music channels that offer an astonishingly wide range of genres. None of them mainstream.My favorite stations include Groove Salad and Drone Zone (all instrumental, great for writing). Here are a few of the others.

Drone Zone – Safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.

Deep Space One – Deep ambient electronic, experimental, and outer space music.
n5MD Radio – Emotional Experiments: Ambient, post-rock, & experimental electronic
•  DEF CON Radio – Music for Hacking. The DEF CON Year-Round Channel.
Lush – Sensuous and mellow female vocals, many with an electronic influence.
Fluid – Drown in the electronic sound of instrumental hip-hop, future soul, liquid trap.
Suburbs of Goa – Desi-influenced Asian world beats and beyond.
• Beat Blender – A late-night blend of deep-house and downtempo chill.
Boot Liquor – Americana Roots music for Cowhands, Cowpokes, and Cowtippers
Dub Step Beyond – Dubstep, Dub, Deep Bass. May damage speakers at high volume.