August before September

August is a strange month here in Sweden. It’s officially the last full month of summer and though usually warm and meteorologically fair, August is when most folks return to the grind after their annual summer vacation.

To me, August is kinda like March, just on the opposite side of the calendar year. It’s the gateway month to September, which for some reason has always been my favorite. Maybe it’s just the name, S-E-P-T-E-M-B-E-R that I dig. Or, perhaps I’ve listened a few too many times to EWF’s classic 70s tune, “September” and subconsciously made its way to the top of my top-favorite-months list.

Surely everyone has a favorite month?

We’re currently in the aftermath of a rather vigorous summer storm and the temperature has fallen to a – for the season – more normal level. It’s this time of year when extraordinarily colorful, often surrealisticaly dramatic sundowns play out over the sea and Copenhagen beyond. Like the one above, shot the other night a few feet from our front door.