second amendment

Second Amendment Insanity

That so many flag-waving Americans hold the Second Amendment so dearly to their heart is really hard for me to grasp. It’s Second Amendment insanity if you ask me. The Bill of Rights amendment was ratified in 1791, a long, long time ago when bears, mountain lions, and outlaws were omnipresent. It was an era when being an owner of slaves and a misogynist were both acceptable and admired behavior. It was over 200 fucking years ago.

I totally understand that the Second Amendment has been weaponized politically. It’s all about belonging to the movement. And that the masses that don’t understand why automatic rifles and military-grade weapons should not be so readily available to them simply don’t have the capacity to look beyond their mental rigidity. Well, I get that, too.

The federal legislators in D.C. need to be reminded of how the regulations put in place within the automotive industry – from seatbelts, and airbags to speed limits – have literally saved millions of lives.

Whenever I read or hear about the idiots that insist on being able to stock up on AK-47s, mostly out of principle, I think of this wonderfully poignant sketch.