Round Trip To Portimão

Yesterday, we visited Portimão, a nearby seaside resort town with a cute train station, a few gorgeous Art Deco-era buildings (one of which is pictured above), and not much more. Most cafés and restaurants in Portimao, a much bigger city than Lagos – the town we are living in during our time here in the Algarve – were closed for the winter, which is one of the few drawbacks of traveling off-seasonally. Somewhat disappointed, we only stayed in Portimão for a couple of hours and took the train back to Lagos. The rest of Saturday afternoon we spent hiking along the dramatic coast.

After 20km, 25.000 steps, and 29 floors, we limped our way to a cozy harbor restaurant where we ordered a couple of beers, a plate of crispy fish n’ chips, and a juicy cheeseburger with fries. Needless to say, especially after our long walk and eating salads for a week straight, our meal was spectacularly delicious.