Resurfaced Nr 23(z)

Resurfaced Nr 23 (x)

Here’s a Rersufaced artifact with very few clues to the individual postings. Instead, together they create what I think is an awesome whole.

Fear is temporary. Regrets last forever.

Breaking from once’s past in order to fully embrace a new era needn’t mean neither dismissing nor glamorizing what was. Change is generally good. I feel we tend to be way too frightened of the unknown. It’s the cliffhangers that keep me going. Not fear of failure. The fear of boredom.

Letters from an American”, a newsletter I subscribe to by thoughtful author Heather Cox Richardson, arrived this morning. Heather drew an interesting parallel between the eve of the Depression (August 1929 – March 1933) and the Biden administration’s goal of presciently stimulating the US economy with an unprecedented government spending spree.