Resurfaced: Doubt Nr 473

Resurfaced: No Doubt Nr 473
Resurfaced: No Doubt Nr 473 is a brand new Resurfaced piece. It made me think about hesitancy and how little I feel once I’ve identified a new surface that demands to be composed.

Generally speaking, I have my fair share of doubts. I think it’s part of the creative process, the evil twin or, the nagging parrot that tries to convince you of the utter irrelevancy and/or unimportance of your artistic expression. It can be a good thing, though. A necessary filter or gravity to keep the work as grounded as it should be.

I rarely feel any lingering doubt about the Resurfaced project. The work feels so real, tangible, accessible, and profoundly simple for it not to be worthy of the time I spend on it Much more so than any other art project in recent memory.