Resurfaced Control Room

Resurfaced: Knobs & Dials

Resurfaced: knobs and dials are either precursors or extensions of the Resurfaced project. Maybe a bit of both.

In one shape or another, I’ve been absolutely fascinated with interfaces for at least two decades.

When I started my own business back in 1999 (JLR MEDIA AB), it was in part thanks to an almost year-long assignment to produce graphical interface elements for a Malmö-based company called Tribon.

I don’t remember exactly what the connection to Kockums Industries was, but I clearly recall that Tribon was creating an auction site aimed at the shipbuilding industry.

I don’t have any knowledge whatsoever about the inner workings of the above knobs, dials, and switches aside from that they are hardware interface elements. Not unlike the keypad, I am writing this very post on. What appears on my screen, software interface elements is even further from my understanding. It’s fascinating how we are all becoming increasingly dependent on interfaces and an incalculable amount of elements used to communicate (via software and/or hardware) between each other and the devices we use in our lives.