Resurfaced: Jacksom Lamb

Resurfaced: Jackson Lamb

I’ve been a Gary Oldman fan since Sid & Nancy and True Romance. His performance as Winston Churchill is possibly my favorite. So it was a thrill to watch him in the final two episodes of Slow Horse last night. His cast members are good, some of them really good. But he outshines most actors in every scene he shares. Oldman’s character Jackson Lamb is easy to relate to. I’d wager that most men, myself included, can easily identify with at least a few of the sordid M-15 department head’s flaws and shortcomings, the imperfections, and cynicism that inevitably arrive with age and disillusionment. I’m sure Oldman – the man –  can, too. And that’s probably why he took the role in the first place and how he plays it so remarkably well. I chose to name the above Resurfaced piece Jackson Lamb because he represents the wonderful chaos and imperfection of life.