Resurfaced on Beverly and Fairfax

Resurfaced: Beverly & Fairfax

I located this surface along the northwest corner of Beverly Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue while in Los Angeles this past October. There was a long stretch of beautifully layered postings and I probably spent the better part of an hour capturing a series of potential artifacts along the wall. I didn’t visit DTLA during my short visit to L.A., so this was one of the few places where I found some truly interesting surfaces.

At the time, I was staying at a motel a few blocks further east on Beverly and walked one day all the way to San Vicente Boulevard and my old stomping grounds at West Hollywood Park. The park had changed so much since my childhood that I no longer recognized myself there, which was both a bit disappointing but also to be expected. After all, the last time I spent any significant time swimming, riding my old red Schwinn, playing catch or touch football in West Hollywood Park would have been when I was 14, some 45 years ago.