Reflections: Turning Torso and Vincent van Gogh

Walked past one of Västra Hamnen’s growing number of office buildings this afternoon and couldn’t help but capture the image above. Turning Torso’s abstract reflection immediately reminded me of a famous Dutch artist…

A long, long time ago, during my art school years on the island of Gotland, like many young aspiring painters, I immersed myself in the creatively brilliant yet emotionally challenged life of Vincent van Gogh.

If you ask me, the artist created most of his masterpieces in and around Arles and the old part of town can still be reconginzed in several of van Gogh’s works from that period.

I’ve been to Arles, roughly 15 years ago and remember thoroughly enjoying the visit and exploring the ancient Roman ruins and flush flower fields just outside of town.

And tomorrow, I’ll be on my way to Provence and Arles, to photograph the wild horses of Camargue – and maybe a pink flamingo or two. And to celebrate my birthday.