Quality Hotel View

I don’t do much event photography these days. Some videography, but not much still shoots. Ten years ago it was actually one of my primary niches and I’d take on a dozen or so events a year.

As a genre, event photography can be both incredibly thankful and a bit thankless. Thankless insofar that you’re expected to deliver a plethora of decent portraits but without much time to do so. Ccovering a big event can also be stressful, sweaty and fatiguing all at once.

On the other hand, when approached the right way and with the right attitude, an event can also offer a great opportunity to shoot a wide gamut of stuff; food, drinks, cool environs as well as dressed up guests and dignitaries. I’ve used events as an occasion to network and generate potential leads for future gigs. Such is the life of a freelancer.

Last week, I was asked to shoot an event at Nordic Choice Quality Hotel View here in Malmö. That’s where and when the above shot of a father and his daughter was taken. As with all my work, I approached this assignment enthusiastically – and this time, with a most capable assistant, my wife and partner Charlotte. The event was to inagurrate a long-term, local cooperation between Real Gymnasiet, a private sector vocational high school, and Nordic Choice Hotels. Together, they had tailor-designed a three year high school program. View our shots from the event here.