Qigong Warmup

Here’s a simple Qigong Warmup for all of us Screen Warriors. A couple of years ago, I enlisted a Qigong instructor to teach me a few basic movements that could help relieve some of the stiffness I was feeling from arthritis. I’ve since spent many hours practicing and taking additional courses to learn other systems and styles. But these first few movements are still really relevant to me and I continue to practice them almost daily.

Since being introduced to Qigong, I’ve often tried to help others that also experience stiffness and pain in, for example, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and elbows, by passing on my learnings. I’ll show some of the system to friends, family and even complete strangers I meet on the street or at a hotel. But I’ve always felt that I should really create a short video demonstrating some of the basic movements that I find to be the most effective at warming me up and lubricating my joints and ligaments.

After about 15 minutes of these simple movements, my stiffness is usually long gone and I’m ready for the day’s physical challenges.