Pizza, Places & Porcupine

Met this little fella last night while eating a pizza down by the harbor in Vejbystrand. He lived under the restaurant’s wooden deck and made short, intense trips between his home and the restaurant’s outdoor tables and chairs, looking for scraps of food.

It’s been almost a year since I was abroad and almost two since traveling to Asia or America. Thanks to my archive of film and photos, my memories aren’t fading anytime soon.

The last time I set foot on foreign soil was first in Stuttgart and then in Münich, Germany.
Even if my passport hasn’t been used much since we moved back from Malaga, I’ve still continued to travel domestically to both familiar and a few new places. Some for work, others for pleasure.

While sharing last night’s meal with friends and with the above cute porcupine scurrying around under our table, we spoke of travels near and far. Of Inter Railing across Europe and backpacking throughout East Asia. Of wild adventures, bleached hair, and indulgence bordering on unholy decadence.

At some point between beer one and two, I had an epiphany of how much of the world I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen through work and pleasure. While the size of my pension fund isn’t very impressive, I’ve certainly done my best to fill my time on this planet with a wealth of fabulous experiences. I’ve always been terrible at managing boredom.

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