Taco Patrons at Taco Ngon

This is by far Hoi An’s best taco joint. We became frequent guests there after falling in love with their fish tacos, which taste superbly, possibly thanks to all the ingredients being homemade from scratch.

We’ve been eating a ton of Vietnamese food here. But truth be told, as Pescatarians, it ain’t been as exciting as I’d hoped. There currently aren’t a whole lot of stand-ins for Bún Thịt Nướng (grilled pork with rice noodles), Bo Luc Lac (Vietnamese shaking beef) or Phở Ga (chicken noodle soup). There are a couple of really good vegetarian and even a fully vegan restaurant in town. But that’s in town and we live about 15 minutes outside of town – which at night means riding in the midst of local daredevil scooter drivers. So, we’ve been eating fish tacos about twice a week. They serve a decent, no-name tequila there, too.