Our New View: Da Nang Driving School

We’ve now moved to new dwellings. It’s our ninth move since arriving here in Asia more than two months ago. Which I know to some sounds absolutely mad. But when you consider we’ve traveled to three different cities, two of which were visited twice, it’s really not all that weird. Unlike many, Charlotte and I find that how and where we live is incredibly important to our ability to function emotionally and creatively.

We’ll be installed at this new place, a so-called “aparthotel”, for the remainder of our stay in the country. Instead of a partial ocean view (which we had at the old place and admittedly miss), we now have this really strange view of a driving school’s driving course.

The view got me thinking. At the beginning of the year, I was in Singapore at the behest of Terranet, a long-time Swedish client within the automotive safety space. They had sent me to meet with a representative for Nanyang Technical University and the fellow I met there guided me around the university’s test track for autonomous vehicles. And guess what? It looked similar to the driving course directly behind our new digs, which I time-lapsed this morning.