Porridge fitting for a rainy Sunday

The trick to a really tasty porridge is accompanying the rather bland crushed oats with a range of more flavorful ingredients.

Now, I don’t eat porridge everyday, but while here in the rustic countryside – where it’s been raining all night and the better part of the morning – a cold smoothie just couldn’t of hit the mark.

For this morning’s concoction I added walnuts, fresh ginger, banana, a teaspoon of honey, tablespoon of organic, unsweetened peanut butter, raisins, water, pinch of salt and a half a cup of coconut milk.  Needless to say (but I will anyway), today’s spiced up porridge was ludicrously good.

Side note: Kung Markatta is Sweden’s premiere producer of ecologically sound condiments, conserved legumes, beans, nuts and a whole slew of other foodstuff.

As cynical and greedy as the actors in the food industry indisputably are, Kung Markatta seems to be both one of the least dishonest and since 1983, certainly one of the most consistent players on the not-so-level playing field. Read their story here and decide for yourself.