I’ve fallen in love with Sweden again. It’s pretty easy to do and for me, it’s much the same romance as every summer.

I’m just as rhapsodic about how beautiful the country is this time of year as I am full of tribulation during the cold and dark winter months.

But right now, everything is forgiven.

I’m really enjoying my short excursions hither and thither. Like yesterday’s pleasant afternoon trip to Norsesund, a tiny hamlet less than an hour outside of Göteborg yesterday (at least as the crow flies).

Always interesting to catch up with my old buddy and namesake Joakim and his wife Gunnel. We ate, chatted and cooled off in a nearby lake before it was time for me to head back to the sweltering apartment on Vidblicksgatan in Göteborg.

I’ve actually been to Norsesund once before. In February. So no big surprise that I didn’t recognize myself after getting off the train.

I love that you only have to travel a short distance from most major Swedish cities in order be seduced by an intense nature experience.

Today it’s time for Grästorp and a visit with Barbro, a friend, and coworker of my late aunt Lillemor and a relatively new friend of mine. I’m writing this on the train bound once again for Trollhättan, a town I’ve got some history in but will gladly pass through today.

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