New Painting: Artificial Delirium

New Painting: Artificial Delirium
Here’s a new painting aptly titled Artificial Delirium. It’s 60 x 90 cm and I painted it on traditional canvas with traditional acrylic paint. The idea for the painting came to me after reading several articles about Artificial Intelligence. While I’m far from smart enough to understand the inner workings, I have no problem whatsoever immagining some potential applications.

Like a lot of people, I can’t help but wonder (and worry) about where Artificial Intelligence is going to take us. Is it another Y2k hoax? Skynet? A mix of both? Some really smart science folks are very concerned about how the accelerated evolution of the technology might go so fast that it could be too late to do anything once we realize the shit has already hit the fan.

I’ve used ChatGPT on multiple occasions and feel lucky not to have to compete for writing gigs anymore. And with Adobe’s latest release of Generative AI in Photoshop, it’s clear to see (at least to me) how professional photographers and filmmakers will eventually become less important in the visual storytelling process.

According to Geoffrey Hinton, a scientist formerly employed by Google and considered to be the “Grandfather of Artificial Intelligence”, if we don’t regulate this rapidly evolving technology immediately, it will become an existential threat to the human species. Geoffrey Hinton paints a dismal future and several doomsday scenarios in this interesting interview.

I just got done watching Netflix’s excellent documentary “Chimp Empire” While following the intrigues within and between the two groups of chimps in the series, I kept thinking about how sparingly humans have evolved from our distant relatives. Financial, political, and physical threats and brutal acts of violence are still our preferred way to settle disagreements and manifest perspectives, and opinions. Nuts!

What happens when a not-too-distant future version of AI comes to a seemingly logical conclusion that humans can no longer be allowed to roam freely on a planet they so clearly are incapable of managing without destroying?

What if we humans, which quantifiably are a relatively small species on Earth, have reached our peak potential? Maybe it’s time for artificial intelligence to take over the steering wheel, to, you know, sort out and start solving the mess we’ve created. The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.