mRNA by Pfizer

mRNA by Pfizer

Last night, ahead of our allocated time slots, Charlotte and I got our Pfizer/Biontechs mRNA-vaccine shots. The process was as smooth as the jabs were painless. Incidentally, the vaccine location was at an old military (Swedish airforce) base.

I don’t see how this vaccination should be treated any differently than other viral diseases I’ve been inoculated against in the past. The fact that it took a considerably shorter time to develop isn’t a miracle. It’s quintessentially a combo of new technology (mRNA), more resources for larger/faster trials and less bureaucracy

The next jab is July 7.

Fired unceremoniously by the New York Times for a stupid comment he made on a field trip, one of my favorite reporters, Donald G. McNeil Jr., has a really thoughtful and insightful take about the reality of this pandemic over at his new home on Medium.

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