Monsoon Me

Got caught in one of our daily thunderstorms yesterday.

It’s monsoon season here, so I’m not exactly taken aback by the frequency of torrential downpour. The trick, however, is when the floodgates of heaven do open up, you need to be somewhere dry and pleasant. Like sitting in a comfy café or a getting a foot massage. I didn’t have the luxury of choosing anything other than shelter yesterday afternoon when the storm hovered above downtown Chiang Mai.

I just barely had enough time to make it under a ramshackle hut next to a wat (temple). It took about an hour for the gates of heaven to close again and in the meantime, I shot the above clips from the vantage point of my tiny, mostly dry refuge.

The humidity level is tangibly high after a storm here. If it was 85% before the rain, it soars to at least 100% directly afterwards. The two pair of sneakers I brought with me are both soaked and will likely take days to dry. Might have to buy a third pair today when I visit a co-working space located in a fancy mall that one of my fellow students mentioned after Friday’s class. Or, maybe just get some rain boots…