Life in A Late Winter Storm

From yesterday’s walk along the coast. I love the drama of stormy weather about as much as I appreciate the tranquility I get from when there’s total calmness. Best of all here in the “sticks” is that that I’ve got the scenery more or less to myself aside from the occasional dog walker or energetic stave trekker. Unlike most proper cities that have gone through extensive iterations through the decades and centuries, the environment here is so timeless, so eternal.

From where I’m sitting and typing these words, with just a small window and a garden between me, a meadow and the sea beyond, there’s a landscape that has looked much liked it does today for probably tens of thousands of years. Maybe longer. This is somehow comforting to me. That in the long run, Earth will survive and work things out – regardless of whether or not we can comprehend a timeline that reaches far beyond the scope of our barely measurable existence on the planet.

We, humans, try so very hard to cram as much into our ridiculously short lifespans, that it’s no wonder we don’t have time to think about all the stuff we’re doing to our environment as well as the species and organisms that live among us.