Dong Millionaire

I’m a Dong Millionaire

Today, after watching a whopping two million Dong slowly slide out from the innards of an ATM somewhere here in Hoi An, I realized that I’ve probably not been a millionaire since Italy switched from Lire to Euro back in January of 1999. With 100.000 Vietnamese Dong being equal to approximately $4 or SEK40, roughly what I payed for Charlotte’s and my combined lunch today (including a smoothie each), it indeed feels like we’re quite wealthy right now. This despite the Swedish krona’s continuing descent against most A-list currencies.

I wish someone would please email me and es-plain why the Swedish krona is so damn weak while the Danish krona is so strong? Is Lego really doing so friggin’ well?

Dong dinner

Imagine what it must be like for the Swiss and Americans to vacation here. I mean, even i-talians and Spaniards must find it wonderfully affordable in Vietnam. Not to mention za Germans.
 Tonight’s dinner at a simple neighborhood eatery, where the food was not only superb, the friendly staff and speedy service, together with a local beer for USD$0.20/SEK 0.20/glass, made for a most pleasurable dining experience, topping out at roughly what a luke-warm cappuccino costs back home.

It’s going to take some time getting used to our new currency and where to get the most bang for our Dong. There, I said it.