Ice scream

Ice Scream

I’m not particularly picky when it comes to gelato. Fact is, I can pretty much enjoy just about any flavor and taste as long as it’s not rum or eggnog. Adding rum to gelato (or ice cream) is as bad as putting pineapple on a pizza or using canned tuna for a pasta dish. Culinary blasphemy, I say. If I had to choose one single flavor, I’d pick pistachio any day of the week.

In Lisbon, there’s an American fellow named Larry. Larry’s from New York where arguably some of the best gelatos can be bought, in no small way thanks to all the Italian Americans living there. Larry moved to Lisbon about four years ago to start an artisan gelato business. He’s got a couple of places now and judging from the line outside his Popbar parlor not too far from where we live, Larry’s doing just fine. His Popbar‘s pistachio gelato on a stick is phenomenally tasty. Gelato on a stick, you ask? Yup. Pretty neat, huh?

As I’ve been told, the main difference between gelato and ice cream is that ice cream, as the name implies, is made with more cream than milk. This means it’s already been fluffed up quite a bit and is filled with a lot more air (about 50% more) and contains more calories. Gelato, on the other hand, is made mostly with milk, which makes it denser and allows it to absorb more deliciousness from whatever flavor you use, all the while being less fatty. According to Larry, pound for pound, gelato is a much better deal for both your palate and your wallet.

So, if you’re in Lisbon, check out New York Larry’s Popbar. It’s another fine reason to visit this gorgeous city.

This blog post’s title originally stems from a novelty song of the 1920s as well as from one of my old favorite films, the 1986 Down by Law written and directed by Jim Jarmusch and starring Tom Waits, John Lurie, and Roberto Benigni.
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