Hovering above the Quagmire

Hovering Above the Quagmire

Didn’t box the bag at the gym this morning but that’s not to say I didn’t fight my way through the week’s third workout. My typical warmup is a 20-minute treadmill run and then 3 x 12 repetitions on 6-8 different leg and upper body machines. Then some pushups and crunches.

If I was fatigued and murky when I walked to the gym at 05:50 am, on my way back home, an hour later, I’m usually agile and vivacious. These morning workouts keep arthritis in check and my spirits hovering way above life’s unavoidable quagmires.

This photo is from an old factory not far from us in Malmö called Kockums. I’m currently going through all of my photographs from several visits.  In 1978, I took a class called Electric Shop when I went to Bancroft Jr High in LA. and I’ve been oddly fascinated by all things electric ever since. Not so much how all the electric stuff works as much as the casings, cables, and connectors. Especially when the patina from being worn and torn makes them beautiful somehow.