Hollow Halloween

Like most red-blooded Americans that haven’t been completely brainwashed from having Fox News or CNN as their only source of information, I’m skeptical about every word a politician exudes. You have to be. It’s not so much about distrust as it is understanding the nature of the game.

Politics, at least in a functioning democracy, is essentially about delegating representatives with an ability and will to compromise and find common ground in all kinds of important societal issues that need to be legislated and regulated in order for the wheels to keep turning. And in order for politicians to “succeed” and keep everything running smoothly, it’s key they are willing to make trade-offs and, yes, even break promises along the way. I totally appreciate this as the very nature of politics – hence me having a healthy dose of skepticism when listening to political rhetoric.

Unfortunately, not much of the above seems to be happening these days. Not exactly sure why, though. But it’s likely symptomatic of our strange era where many desperatly grab for the easiest answer, even when the questions are extraordinarily complicated and therefore often inconveniently hard to comprehend – for laymen and politicians alike.

I totally get why so many people tune out and feel disenfranchised by much of what’s going on in today’s political arena. Regardless of whether you believe this way or that on any given subject or current political event, the fact is that most national politicians are definitely not doing what they should be doing, i.e. negotiating, finding common ground and processing legislation that benefits both the citizens that voted for them in the first place and the delicate planet we all share.

We’re not celebrating Halloween this year. Not that it’s usually much of a happening in Sweden. But I will never forget our cool Halloween celebration whilst living in Santa Monica back in 2014 which was where and when the above shot was taken at a super-spooky corner house a few blocks away from us.