Healthy Breakfast avocado with eggs salad

Healthier Eats

The pandemic created chaos, wreaked havoc, and threw millions of people (back) into dire poverty. For those of us fortunate to live in countries where COVID-19 didn’t have quite as much of a life-threatening impact, there was no shortage of self-pitying or debauchery. Many, myself included, compensated for the imposed travel and socializing restrictions. Too much casual drinking and other less-life-preserving habits were invited and wholeheartedly embraced. Yeah, I was at that party for a couple of those pandemic years, and now I’m slowly working off some of that indulgence with a healthier lifestyle.

Here in the tiny alpine village of Bad Gastein, it’s not too difficult to lead a healthy life. The fresh air, long hikes, and delicious homemade, carb-free food is unequivocally conducive to my ambition of losing some weight and gaining some strength. The image above shows what I eat for breakfast at the hotel: a large bowl of tasty scrambled eggs, a smaller one with some pretty decent guacamole, and a simple, mixed salad.