Grand Perks

I’ve been frequenting the legendary Grand Hotel in Lund, the only really nice, full-service hotel available in that city, for a couple of weeks now. It’s one of the most affordable luxury hotels I’ve stayed at in Sweden. While room rates are very reasonable and eating and drinking in the restaurant is certainly a comfortable, culinary experience, it’s not quite as wallet-friendly. Their large shrimp sandwich will set you back a whopping $24 buckaroos.

I’ve got quite a ways to go before I can call myself a “patron”, but already I have been able to enjoy some of the perks that being a frequent guest brings with it. The above shot of yesterday’s breakfast is a good example. Because of Covid-19, Grand doesn’t offer their usual buffet. Instead, they serve you more or less everything available from the buffet directly at your table (with gloved hands) a la carte style. Now, since I’ve never stayed there before, I don’t know if smoked salmon could actually be found at the buffet. But when I kindly asked for some, three times out of the four that I’ve stayed there so far, the server has appeased my request with a smile and small plate with a pile of pink, sliced fish.

I should also mention a couple of additional perks, like being allowed to check out a little later than policy permits and using one of the hotel’s small conference rooms when noise from the ongoing construction/renovation work becomes overbearing.
Grand Hotell in Lund is the fourth and by far the best hotel I’ve stayed at so far this year. The location near the train station is great, the individually decorated vintage style rooms are nice and the staff is as friendly as can be. They seem to genuinely appreciate my business and do their best to accommodate reasonable requests with a smile.