Gonna Miss Ya, India

I’m writing this from a really busy lounge at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. l managed to grab what the Raboff family calls the poker seat” when I arrived a couple of hours ago. In this case, It’s a reasonably comfortable armchair placed in the far back corner of this dimly lit lounge. From here, no one can walk behind me or intentionally or accidentally peer into my computer screen (hence the poker reference).

Most everybody in here is either busy talking on their phones, chatting with colleagues, working on spreadsheets or clicking their way through presentations on small, plastic laptops. Not all, but most are clad in pretty strict business attire and look as if they spend a great deal of time in lounges and shuttling from airport to airport and meeting to meeting. 

Coming from an eight day travel assignment about a nearly obscure village in southern India, I could not feel further removed from the corporate world then right now.

Im going to miss India. It has once again been a real pleasure thawing out and meeting so many interesting and friendly people. I love the slow-paced beach-life in Agonda. After two visits in as many years, I totally get the attraction and feel fairly confident Ill be back.

The food shot above is from my very last dinner at Simrose, one of the best beach hotels Ive ever stayed at – full stop. Aside from the splendid location, the great beachfront room I rented during my stay, I also thoroughly appreciated how at home the staff made me feel throughout my stay. 

Have I mentioned how good the food is at Simrose? Despite having dozens of other eating options along the beach, I still ate every single meal at the hotel. Now, to be fair, I dont honestly think that the difference in taste, price or presentation would have been huge had I varied my choice of dining location. I just got really lazy and couldnt be bothered to venture out. This and the fact that it was smoother adding all my food and drink to the room bill.The Simrose is not the cheapest of hotels in Agonda. Not by a long stretch. Yet when I paid for eight days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners (including beverages), the cost was about what Im used to paying when Charlotte, Elle and I go out to for a simple dinner in Malmö, Sweden – or, roughly about SEK 1000. At an equivalent beach hotel in Thailand, Im fairly sure the price would have been at least twice that. For reasons unbeknownst to me, most of the kitchen and restaurant staff are from Nepal. So, for my very last meal at Simrose, I specifically asked for a typical dish from Nepal. Can’t remember the name, though. But boy, was it tasty – and all vegetarian, too!
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