Ford Anglia & Qigong

Charlotte is fascinated whenever I can identify a car brand or share some obscure knowledge about automobiles. I’m the first to admit that my interest is mysteriously unexplainable. I don’t drive and just barely know how to refuel a car, so why I can state distinguishing facts about different car manufacturers is just plain weird. It might have to do with being exposed to an unhealthy dose of television ads for cars while growing up in the US.

I stumbled onto this Ford Anglia earlier today while walking around Chiang Mai’s old town. The turquoise paint job coupled with the car’s quirky design gave it a certain “jolie laide” quality that I found irresistible. I looked it up, and it seems this model might just have left the Ford factory line in 1963.

After a night in bustling Bangkok, the small town calmness and charm of Chiang Mai is quite palpable. Because I haven’t been here in about a decade, I just assumed there would be greater change. That Thailand’s second city would have grown exponentially. Fortunately, much of the downtown area seems more or less unchanged.

I’m staying with a local family a few kilometers outside of Chiang Mai so I will be closer to a school where I’m attending an intensive training course in the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong. The course starts on Friday and I’m excited about taking what I know today about Qigong, to an entirely new and heightened level.