fish tacos

Fine Fish Tacos
In my experience, Mexican or Tex-Mex food tastes best when it’s served at the really simple, hole-in-the-wall places – regardless really where in the world you may be. Cause I’ve eaten superb Mole in Mexico and equally delicious burritos in Bangkok.
Good food knows no boundaries.
Like Thai cuisine, Mexican food doesn’t get any better just because its served up on fancy plates in a restaurant with vibrant sombreros and ponchos hanging on the walls or even when there’s a colorful mariachi band performing La Cucaracha with an insane passion.
To me, if the restaurant just serves a cold draft or bottled beer and offers at least one decent kind of tequila, I’m fairly sure they’ll not disappoint with their food.
To this point, we ate wonderfully tasty cilantro-laden fish tacos with thick (but not too smooth) guacamole and homemade tortilla chips for dinner last night at Kotija Jr. Taco Shop here in Encinitas.