Locomotive in Thailand with parts from Svenska Kullagerfabriken i Göteborg, Sweden

Famous Swedish Steel Balls

I just went through about two dozen images stored on the Fuji x100v. I typically don’t download and sift through photographs from that camera on a daily basis. In fact, I hadn’t seen any of the images since we arrived here three weeks ago. On the other hand, I am fussy about reviewing all the stuff I’ve shot on the iPhone. I don’t use iCloud Photos as that service tends to create a seemingly infinite amount of duplicates, triplicates and quadruplicates.

Among several new Resurfaced candidates that I had on the Fuji, which, incidentally, I have assigned for two of my art projects, I noticed that I’d captured the undercarriage of the diesel driven beast that had pulled our train from Ayutthaya to Krungthep (Bangkok) this past Sunday.

After a closer look at the photograph, I noticed the locomotive had a small, faint yet familiar logo of the Swedish bearing, seal, and lubrication company SKF (Aktiebolaget Svenska Kullagerfabriken).

I never worked at SKF in my younger years. Instead, I spent a summer employed as a longshoreman in the import/export area of Göteborg’s docks where I (in total) unloaded hundreds of thousands of boxes filled with unripe, South American bananas grown by Del Monte, Onkel Tuca, and Chiquita.  However, I did live within just a few blocks of the company’s main factory located in the neighborhood of Gamlestan and several friends of mine from that era worked there.