Expression Session

After closing my studio this summer, I thought I’d miss shooting in an environment where I could control light, background and other variables of my choosing. Didn’t happen.

On the contrary, I’ve felt liberated by the freedom from less gear and challenged by relying on my imagination and creative/technical savvy to deliver whatever vision I or my client have had.

Yesterday, however, I rented a relatively large studio near Kastrup International Airport and shot model Diviana for a photo project I’ve been thinking about producing for a while: a series of facial expressions.

Not sure how many different expressions we managed to capture yesterday and it actually proved to be quite demanding to convey the at times small, almost granular nuances that define adjectives like, angry/irritated, embarrassed/shameful, seductive/interested and tired/bored.

The project’s genesis stems from my fascination with body language and how much of what we say – and how we look when we say what we say – is determined by the culture we are captive of.

The above video is a collection of some of the many facial gestures Diviana exhibited during yesterday’s “expression session”.