Excited About Patterns & Textures

We realized after just a few hours of walking around in our new neighborhood in Da Nang that we’d be staying in the midst of a building boom. Not that we’re not accustomed to sharing our immediate environment with cranes, bulldozers, jackhammers and every other imaginable site and sound related to construction sites. Our many years in Malmö’s endlessly expanding Västra Hamnen have certainly familiarized us with the noise, dust and hazardous endeavors of sharing sidewalks and streets with gigantic trucks, diesel generators, and compressors.

On a brighter side, the ongoing boom here provides a superfluity of interesting patterns, textures, and compositions. Depending on my mood and time of day, some of these compel me to whip out my camera and start documenting. Like the plastic net above which I discovered the other day at some building site on my way to the gym and which I have already made use of in one of my latest collages. I love the faded blue hues, the waviness and how its bends come in and out of focus. I shot it at f2 or, possibly at f1.4.

I think having an ability to get exiting about random patterns or textures and imagining their potential in an artistic context is somehow akin to my ambition to see something positive in almost everything, everybody, and every situation. More of my artwork can be viewed here.