Everyday, Ordinary People

Everyday People

I’ve walked by this bus stop on Silom Road several times during the four weeks that we’ve been in Bangkok. There’s always a small crowd of passengers and as I pass it, I wonder how far a distance each must travel before they are home or at work.

For about three years, from 2003-2005, I commuted between Malmö and Älmhult in southern Sweden. To begin with, during the first and roughly half of the second year, the work was so creative, inspiring, and energizing, that I didn’t mind spending so much of my day on the train.

As the assignments became less and less meaningful and the internal politics took a front seat at the furniture company where I was consulting, commuting became a real drag, a pain, a strain.

If nothing else, the experience makes me feel humble about folks that need to travel long distances in their daily struggle.