Enigmative: Life

It’s been about a month since we began traveling around Portugal and to say that we’re now even more spellbound by this country’s beauty and relaxed vibe would be nothing short of a flagrant understatement.

When not writing on the ever-expansive aging book, I’ve been keeping myself occupied by documenting new destinations prior to the launch of Charlotte’s new Algarve website as well as for my forthcoming photography book, “Portugal, Serendipitously”.

Until earlier today between two rain storms, there’s not been much time (or, energy) left over for the “Enigmative” series.

I never have a timeline for any of my personal projects. How could I? You just know when it’s time to finish and move on to the next challenge. So, just as with the Re:Surfaced project, there’s something refreshingly liberating about Enigmative.