Egg Salad Sandwich

Let’s just put the virus to the side for a moment, shall we? Let’s focus on something fun and important. Like this recipe. For lunch this afternoon, I made one of my most famous dishes; the Raboffski Open Egg Salad Sandwich. For whatever reason, I’d never served Charlotte this classic before and since I happened to have all the required ingredients at home today, everything fell perfectly into place.

So, boil two to four eggs. Cool them off. Peel and place in a large bowl. Add a tablespoon or two of Hellman’s mayo, a half of a finely chopped red or yellow onion, a generous tablespoon of relish, a teaspoon of dijon mustard, some salt, pepper and a long squeeze of lemon.

Then crush, mix and then chill this taty concoction for approx 15 minutes. Serve on a piece of dark, rye, sourdough, baguette or, worse case, knäckebröd.
• Eggs
• Mayo
• Onion
• Relish
• Dijon
• Salt n´ Pepper
• Lemon
• Bread