I'm a dog lover

Dogs in My Life

Since Lennart passed away last year, we’ve been dog-less. And even though Len and I never really clicked, there were a few precious moments in his puppy years when we both felt some kind of affection for each other. Or, maybe it was just respect.

As tumultuous as it was, a dog was always present during my childhood. The first one, Coco, was a beautiful German Shepard that once literally saved my life by gently pulling the inflatable raft I was on back to shore while a current was drawing me out to sea in Malibu.

The second dog in my life was the beagle Ingo, my grandfather Eskil’s stinky hunting companion. Third was Todo, a troubled black Belgian Shepard that relocated to friends in Thousand Oaks, north of L.A. when I moved to Europe in 1978.

Torsten was Charlotte and my first dog, a cute and photogenic Miniature Schnauzer with very little personality. As our work-related travels intensified, Torsten had to be adopted by Charlotte’s parents. Our second dog was Palma, a beautiful Standard Schnauzer now 14 and living the rest of her remaining days with her adopted family near Göteborg.

At some point in the autumn days of my life, I hope to settle down somewhere and once again embrace the love and affection one receives from our furry, four-legged friends.

The dog above was included in the book I produced for HSB Turning Torso to commemorate the skyscraper’s 10-year anniversary.