Co-Working & Avocado Toast

The image above is from where these very words were typed a few minutes ago (depending, of course, on when you read this). For the second day in a row, I’m at Bread & Salt, a co-working space, cum café that Charlotte’s discovered near the beach in Da Nang, Vietnam. Not sure why it’s called co-working, cause nobody is actually working together. At least not here at Bread & Salt. While Charlotte has made good use of dozens of co-working spaces around the world, I’ve never appreciated what they have to offer. The few that I’ve tried, have been way too lively and crowded – making it really hard for someone like myself to get anything important done.

At Bread & Salt though, I seem to have found an exception to the rule. Or, maybe I’m just getting better at turning off disturbing stimuli. And when it does get a bit noisy here, I’ll put on my over-the-ear headphones and drown out most of the chatter and mindlessly assembled playlist coming from an excellent speaker system.

Bread & Salt’s giant avocado toast is remarkably tasty. As is the coconut coffee. So the food and drink, the location – right around the Coworking Space Bread & Salt in Da Nang in Vietnamcorner from the My An Sport Center – the blazingly fast Internet, the convenience of having electrical outlets at practically every seat and being spacious enough to not experience an invasion of personal space, make working here a viable option. And should I tire of my fellow co-workers, I can always stroll back to our beachfront apartment – about five blocks from Bread & Salt – and be all by my lonesome.