Finishing Up My Book on Aging

Clouds & Choices
Shot this the other evening. Feels like summer is finally here. We’ve been having clusters of amazing cloud formations these past couple of days. They remind me of similar scenes I’ve captured on islands in Seychelles, the Maldives, and most recently, Okinawa.

Creating the cover art for the aging book has been quite the process, but I think it could be finalized today or tomorrow. Can’t wait to have it published so I can free up more space for the next book.

It’s interesting that as I age, I’m either very unwavering or very ambiguous about creative decisions I routinely need to make. I was kind of hoping that the lingering hesitancy would subside with the combo of knowledge and experience that I’ve accumulated over the years (aka wisdom?). But no, some days, I almost feel like it’s increasing.

Maybe I’ve reached a point in life where the insecurity I experience is actually a “spidey sense” in disguise telling me what to prioritize and what I should skip or ignore.