Cleaning a 16" Macbook Pro

Cleaning a Macbook Pro 16″

This is what my 2019 Macbook Pro 16″ looks like inside its shiny aluminum chassis. A few days ago, I noticed how one of the two option keys was glitchy. I assumed that dust or a stubborn grain of sand had wedged its way between the bottom of the physical key and the membrane that performed whatever task the key was supposed to contribute to.

I’m such an old-school Mac user that I constantly use the option key to move active applications to the background in order to get the desktop quickly.

I took my MBP to our Apple Store here in Malmö and a Genius tried to fix it on the spot. He failed. Then he explained that because of the computer’s (industrial) design, to replace a single key on the keyboard, Apple would also need to replace the entire bottom chassis, including the whole friggin’ keyboard and battery.

The Genius also told me that it would cost SEK9000 to have this done. While I totally get that the design makes perfect manufacturing sense, from an environmental perspective, it’s arrogant and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Fortunately, there is an option. On the right side of the keyboard sits the other option key. It’ll surely take some time to get used to using it, but it’s certainly a cheaper option.

I don’t know, maybe the Genius was feeling sorry for me, but he offered to vacuum the inner workings of my now slightly handicapped MBP at no cost. So there’s this story’s silver lining!