Tommy Sahlin, Joakim Eklund, Joakim Lloyd Raboff and Lars Johan Olemyr eating Chinese at Lai Wa in Göteborg

Chinese Christmas Lunch

Well, I guess we’ll consider Christmas 2023 closed. It feels like one of the better holiday seasons with my somewhat tired gaze in the rearview mirror. A nice mix of cozy moments with both family and dear friends.

As usual, it was probably a bit too much of the good stuff… but indulging is part of Christmas, I suppose.

Today, I had Chinese food with some of my oldest Swedish friends at classic Lai Wa in central Gothenburg. It’s one of a handful of places that Charlotte and I dined at when we were on our first dates, roughly 27 Christmases ago.

There are probably a few thousand other Gothenburg residents (and ex-Gothenburgers like us) who have a relationship with Lai Wa and other Chinese restaurants in town. Especially during our youth when some restaurant owners turned a blind eye and poured locally brewed Pripps into tall beer glasses, even though we weren’t nearly of legal age yet. Kids, that was back in the day when a big beer de facto equaled half a liter of strong beer, and if we just ordered a minimum of four small dishes, the beer tap was opened for us youngsters. A different era.

The food we ate amid bouts of laughter at Lai Wa was delicious, and even though the lady who served us wasn’t exactly cheerful, she was probably of the same age, so we quickly found a suitable level of banter and jokes. She might have even served us there back in the late 1970s.

Tomorrow, we’re southward bound to Skåneland again. Back to what looks like a delightful New Year’s celebration by the sea with a bunch of fun friends who, like us, don’t hit the brakes too hard or hesitate to end this old year with some more indulgence.